Public Consultation


We have been committed to ensuring the widest possible consultation amongst the local community.  The site falls within South Stoke Parish Council and we have made contact with the Parish Council and many other statutory consultees while the proposal was still in its pre-planning stages.  


In addition, we have done the following:


  •  Written a short article for the October editions of:

    • The Ipsden Window

    • The South Stoke Newsletter

    • The Woodcote Correspondent; and

    • The Goring Gap News


  • In each of these we gave a link to this website, and a notification of the village hall meeting (below)


  • Organised an open forum meeting in South Stoke Village Hall on 24th October from 4pm to 8pm.  The sponsors of the proposal were there to answer all questions, and there were large plans and photomontages and a proposed landscaping scheme so that people could see for themselves what the plant would look like within its environment once constructed.  The meeting was very well attended, including by members of the Parish Council, the local MP, and even a journalist from the Henley Standard.  Feedback from the meeting was very supportive, and there was a good article in the Henley Standard here.


  • Organised a meeting with the Chilterns Conservation Board to talk to them about the proposal, its impact on the AONB, and our proposals for mitigation of any potentially adverse impacts.   

As people respond to this website with their comments and questions, we will post them (anonymously, and only with the agreement of the sender) onto our Q&A page here.


If you think that there is more that we should be doing, please contact us and let us know!